Monday, March 5, 2007

Featured Portrait Post

Portrait posts are due tonight at the start of class. I was hoping to see more of them up by now, but maybe some are encountering technical difficulties.

Dr. A's portrait on Coping has already been featured, so today I am highlighting Dale's portrait of her Urban Field Studies Class.

Urban Freak Studies from Vlog Me, I Love It by Dale

Here is a profile of the students in the "Urban Field Studies: The Art of Finding," with instructor/artist Joe Willie Smith, at Phoenix College. Aren't we a talented group? We are thinking of starting our own carnival.

Assignment 4 - 3rd Post on Place

Two students cannot attend class tonight, so I decided I should start posting your assignments on the class vlog. Should have been all along, really. Live and learn. Evolve!

Due: prior to start of class, Monday, March 19

This assignment asks you to examine a place that is important to you. Maybe it’s a place you like to go to be alone, or a place where something significant happened in your life, or a place you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t yet. How are you going to explore and share this place for a broad audience? What do you want to tell us about it? How will you present it, stylistically, through image and sound?

Don’t forget to adhere to the Videoblog Assignment Criteria.


Due: end of class, Monday, March 19

Comment on at least three other students' "Place" posts.