Monday, May 7, 2007

Born to Be Vlogged

For the final night of Videoblogging class, we all talked about what we learned and whether everyone had documented their process well enough to videoblog on their own. The consensus was, all the students can do it. But it's okay to make the occasional call for help to Node101 Phoenix.

After our last academic discussion, but before leaving for dinner at Hamburger Works, Mary and Margaret passed out kazoos and lyrics to their rewrite of Steppenwolf's Born to Be Wild. Calexi recorded while the rest of us performed, and now you get to view the results.

Mary and Margaret are long-time friends, colleagues, and passionate nursing instructors. I'm thrilled at how excited they are to use videoblogging with their students. I'm pretty sure they plan to perform this song for some kind of teachers' conference in the hopes of getting other teachers to try videoblogging in the classroom. More power to you, ladies!

This class was so different from the other college-level videoblogging classes I know of. There were no prerequisites - none of these folk had ever attempted to edit video before, let alone post it into a blog. I'm not 100% sure, but I think all my students were age 50 and over. And half of them are college professors. So these are people who were not necessarily raised on computers and the internet, reaching out and trying new things and embracing what they can do with new technology. I'm enormously proud of them. Look out world wide web, here they come!


Verdi said...

Wow. Videoblogging has a theme song now. Good job guys!

Shane Shellenbarger said...

I won't be 50 until the end of September, but close.

Rupert said...

Brilliant. I'm so inspired by your class, by the students and their reaction to it. YAY!

The Faux Press said...


Very cool.

Also inspired to teach more soon.


Dr. A said...

Just getting back to the vlogademia nervosa site. It was a wonderful class, full of energy and loads of fun. Cheryl made our learning explode by allowing us to explore our creativity.